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What are the crime rates in the area like?


Posted: Fri Oct 6, 2017 12:05pm
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we are thinking of  in Formentera Del Segura and visited this week, we met some very friendly people who waxed lyrical about the town ,all except one who advised us not to buy as there was a large number of gypsys [her words not mine ] who inhabited the town causing trouble . I have no idea if this is correct and wonder if someone could put my mind at ease as we have small children and would like to feel it is safe in the town . Also what is the crime rate ,hopefully the feedback will be positive as we fell in love with the town


Fri Oct 6, 2017 5:49pm

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Posted: Fri Oct 6, 2017 5:49pm

Hi Jem66,

Please see below my response to a similar request on the Talk Quesada forum.  I believe the gypsy 'problem' you refer to was in the area noted in point 2.  However, I have a friend who owns an apartment there and she's never experienced any issues.  Anecdotal 'evidence' on Talk Quesada seems to suggest the problem was about 7 years ago, unless other members can give you more recent reports? 

We use the bars around the main square and the atmosphere has always been very pleasant.  And when we attended the village fiestas in the evening last month, we didn't see any problems.

There's a very helpful lawyer, Denise Ulendorp, who works for Formentera del Segura town hall every Wenesday.  She helps foreigners living in the village with day to day issues, so if there have been any problems of this nature, I think she'd know about them, or would be able to point you in the right direction for further information.  It may be worth dropping her an email at [email protected] to ask the question (she's always very busy, so if she hasn't responded after a week or so, follow up with a gentle nudge).

As a general comment, it's worth remembering that Spain is not a wealthy country like the UK and rates of crime are generally higher here, especially petty theft and opportunistic crime.  To give a totally balanced view, we've lived in Formentera for almost 18 months and the only crime I've heard of is a spate of incidents, all occuring during the same night, when some residents had their car filler caps forced open and their petrol tanks drained.  One of the victims was a friend of mine, who hadn't locked his car(!) and yet they didn't touch the wallet and driving licence he'd left on view in the centre console.........!


Kind regards,


Re: Formentera Del Segura

» Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:28 pm

bktayken wrote:There are 3 different areas that make up Formentera 1. is the old village .. centred around the main square. 2. on the out skirts as you enter from Rojales (urbanisation) 3. is where the night clubs are situated . So any recommendations need to be more area specific as all towns citys world wide have good and bad areas .

Hi Dreamer123,

Just to expand on bktayken's post:

1. The main square of "old" Spanish villages is usually where the church and Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) are located - easy to find because the Ayuntamiento is always signposted. In this square is a "kiosk" bar and a typical Spanish bar, there are also numerous Spanish bars in the streets around the square.

2. This urb appears to be high rise apartment blocks when you drive into the village, but if you turn into it and follow the one way roads to the rear, there are a couple of roads of only 2 storey apartments and town houses - we were looking at them last week with friends who want a holiday home and it's amazingly quiet. There are communal pools and also a racquet club.

3. The third area which bktayken refers to is called "Los Palacios", in case you see it on estate agents' details. The nightclub area there is one road, referred to locally as "Disco Alley", but it also has a square/park with a kiosk bar.

4. There's also a fourth area, known as Fincas de la Vega, an urb located between the outskirts of Los Palacios and San Fulgencio. We have a park with boules alleys and a tennis court, but have to walk 15 minutes to the village of Daya Vieja for bars, restaurants, bank, pharmacy, etc.

The larger towns of Rojales and Benijofar are less than 5 minutes from Formentera del Segura, but for a serious shopping 'fix' you'd probably want to go to the shopping malls of Haberneras in Torrevieja or La Zenia Boulevard in Orihuela Costa.

Good luck!


Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:47am

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Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:47am

We have had a holiday apartment in the village for ten years and love it there. I feel very safe walking around the village and gave never experienced any problems. Yes petty opportunist crimes occur like theft etc, e.g. bikes being stolen, petrol from cars, rumours start up from time to time of gangs of Gypsy or Morrocans but I have to say I have not seen it experienced any issues. If you do buy or rent I am sure you and your children will love it.

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