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Electricity Smart Meters


Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:17pm
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I thought it may be helpful to share an interesting article I read in yesterday's edition of "Money Saver Spain":

"By the end of 2018, smart meters will be in all homes across Spain. There are several advantages to using a smart meter, but still lots of myths around. We’ve teamed up with Watiofy, experts in energy, to bring you the facts and dispel the myths.

How Do You Know If You Have A Smart Meter?

Not sure whether you have one installed already? Get out your last bill and check for the word “telegestión”.

Fact 1: Smart Meter Installation Is Free

Installation is free, but you still have to pay monthly rental on your bill.  Some people may decide to buy a smart meter in order to save over the long-term, but according to some engineers smart meters don’t tend to last as long as traditional meters so you could be better off renting.  Even though the changeover from a traditional meter to a smart meter is free, if any additional works are required to connect the new meter then these will be charged to the client.

Fact 2: Monthly Rental Is More Expensive

Although the difference isn’t very high, the monthly rental on your bill for a smart meter will be around 0.30€ more than with a traditional meter. The rental price is fixed by law, but we expect companies to lobby for an increase.  Those with a split-rate (night) tariff will actually save with a smart meter. Previously you would have paid two rentals and with the new meters you only need one.

Fact 3: With Smart Meters You Don’t Need a Trip Switch

All electricity contracts include a power capacity limit: the higher the kW contracted the higher the monthly rate. With a traditional meter you would also require a trip switch (or ICP in Spanish), with new smart meters the limit is programmed in.

Tip: Some people who already have smart meters have been fined on their bills for not having an ICP. If this is your case get in touch with your company quoting the National Energy Commission’s report 23/2009 which states that the an ICP is neither necessary nor advisable for use with smart meters.

Myth 1: My Electricity Contract Will Have To Be Changed

Moving over to a smart meter does not affect your current contract and tariffs (for usage and power capacity).  Reps that use cold calling to try and bully consumers into changing tariffs based on having a smart meter should be ignored.

Myth 2: Companies Can Force Consumers To Increase The Contracted Power Capacity

If your trip switch is actioned frequently, this will be registered by a smart meter. However companies can only advise you to increase the contracted power capacity.

Myth 3: Smart Meters Use WiFi And Your Internet Speed Will Be Affected

Not true! Smart meters use the existing electricity network to transmit data.

Fact or Myth? Smart Meter Firmware Can Be Modified Remotely

Although not confirmed by any electricity company, theoretically the firmware for the smart meter could be modified remotely. Any modifications should be registered and notified by your company."



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Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:28am

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:28am

It's a good summary Kim, but I disagree about meter rental. In our case, the following were/are the prices before tax:

Dumb meter: 0,056393 €/day

Smart meter: 0,02663 €/day



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Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:10pm

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Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:10pm

Hi Jim,

Sorry for the slow response, I've just remembered to dig out my bills - my rates:

"Dumb" :o) meter: 0,057377 €/day (before I switched to the night time tariff)

Smart meter: 0,02663 €/day

I think this is because, like you, I'm also on the cheap night time tariff, so we fall into the group: "Those with a split-rate (night) tariff will actually save with a smart meter. Previously you would have paid two rentals and with the new meters you only need one."

Every little helps!  :o)



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