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Dog in distress what can I do?


Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:43pm
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A neighbour leaves their dog alone all day, every day, and the dog is so distressed. It continually pines and scratches to get out and I can hear it jumping all over the house. It never barks but it’s cries are pitiful and I think it’s cruel. The owner of the dog has spoken to us and asked us if this happens as she confirmed it occurred at her previous address. We advised her the dog is distressed and she said that she was sorry there was nothing she could do.



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Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:22pm

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Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:22pm

Hi Bob82,

I'm sorry to hear this - like you, I would be very upset to hear a dog in such distress.  There are a number of things the owner could do:

-  get the dog a companion;

-  give the dog up to someone who will care for it properly;

-  take it to a dog trainer - although they'll probably tell her what any sensible dog owner could tell her for free: dogs are pack animals, they need company.

Unfortunately, you've probably seen other threads on this forum that say the Police aren't interested, unless the animal has inadequate shelter, or doesn't have access to food or water. 

Have you tried recording the noise the dog makes in her absence?  If you did, could she be shamed into sorting out the situation?

Do you have a community President you could report the situation to? 

Or perhaps contact one of the local animal shelters, like S.A.T. in Dolores: - I don't know whether Spain has an organisation equivalent to the RSPCA in the UK, but S.A.T. may be able to advise. 

It's unreasonable of your neighbour to expect you (or her dog!) to endure this, so perhaps you should report it to the Police anyway, in the hope that a visit from them may help her understand how unacceptable it is to do this to a dog.

Good luck!

Kind regards,


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