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Wanted. A cheap furnished Mobile Home onsite


Posted: Mon May 1, 2017 9:48am
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I will be looking for a cheap mobile home onsite for holidaying several times a year on my retirement. It will need to be on a site with reasonably priced charges or on someone's land for a small rental charge. I live in Ireland and have arthritis so am killed with aches and pains nearly all year round. The doctor said that I should be living in a warmer climate. I thought that if I could buy a cheap bolt hole, I could then fly out when I wanted to escape this cold, miserable climate. I am saving hard but when on invalidity pension its hard especially with the high bills to pay. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to which way to go in order for me to achieve this dream?

Rainah 24

Mon May 1, 2017 6:19pm

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Posted: Mon May 1, 2017 6:19pm

Hi Anita

Why don't you look at a cheap apartment rental there's lots. My partner and I have been here 1 year we love it very cheap living of course the weather is amazing ideal for this area Oriheula Costa. Sourounded by salt lakes ideal for people with arthritis, rheumatic pains etc. If I can be of any further help message me




Original Poster

Mon May 1, 2017 10:35pm

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Posted: Mon May 1, 2017 10:35pm

Hi Ra, I'm not looking to permanently leave Ireland for a few years as it would mean giving up my council bungalow which I love. I just would like a small bolt hole to go backwards and forwards when I want to. That is why I thought if I bought a cheap mobile home, I could do that.  I do appreciate you contacting me. When you say cheap apartments, what do you mean by cheap? I will draw a pension in a couple of years and I might decide to move out there full time then.

Look forward to hearing from you



Tue May 2, 2017 9:50am

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Posted: Tue May 2, 2017 9:50am

Hi Anita, I am looking for exactly what you are after, although was initially looking for long term rental, I really wanted campsite life because more sociable, I done long term last year in la Florida a house was very convenient to fly in and put when I wanted, but was a little to far to walk to the only shop and although I'm not a Pub/party going ( lol no not tea total ) I found it a bit to cut off as I expect an apartment would be, I found I campsite with few caravans for sale, English ladies run the sale side, they have couple lovely caravans starting at £22.999 (sterling). Only 10mins from Murcia airport and some nice onsite facilities, will send you their web page if you like 😀😀😀


Wed Aug 9, 2017 3:47pm

Posted: Wed Aug 9, 2017 3:47pm

Hya u sound exactly like us how u getting on in search any good places /tips thanks sharon 

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