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MillyRose Crafts is an online craft company, specialising in needle felting, with some embroidery and punch needle crafts too.MillyRose Crafts was borne out of a desire to escape from the boredom and worry of the first Covid lockdown. What I actually found was a renewed love of crafts and in particular, woolcraft alongside a way to completely lose myself for a few hours. MillyRose Crafts is a UK company and at the moment we are still based in the UK however we are planning on moving back to Calpe next year.....I say back because my dad lived there for 25 years before being brought back to the UK due to ill health. 

Having found the most therapeutic, non medicial/medicinal way, of alleviating stress and/or passing a few hours, I now love sharing our designs and thinking up new creations to share with our customers. Being able to share them with our friends in Calpe is something we have been working towards for a few years and whilst we wait for the paperwork I have decided to launch the Spanish version of the on line store.  In the Uk our craft kits are a great way to pass the cold dark days and evening;  in Spain they are great for winter too and also a wonderful way of passing a few hours in the heat of the day. We have needle felting kits, wool and accessories, Embroidery kits and accessories and Punch Needle kits too; lots of choice and so many ideas to help you spend time in that happy place where time and an over active mind really does stand still and quieten down. 

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We are on online store and don't have fixed hours.  as messages come to my phone I tend to answer then=m as soon as they are seen, normally within 30 minutes.

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1710 Bridgewater Place, Water Lane
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