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Degree in Law from the University of Alicante 2003.

I have been a practicing lawyer since 2005 with collegiate number 1253, by the Illustrious Bar Association of Orihuela.

I graduated from the School of Legal Practice of Alicante 2006.

Certificate of Professional Aptitude granted by the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and the Council of Bar Associations of Valencia 2006.

Master in Immigration and Nationality and Immigration from the University of Alicante 2007.

Diploma in Congresses on Criminal Law, Immigration, Taxation of Non-Residents, Private International Law, Family Law.

Expert in Property Law, Conveyance, and Inheritance. .

I founder (CEO) of the firm Letralia Lawyers located in Torrevieja, 2006.

Letralia was founded 15 years ago as a traditional law firm.

It is a multidisciplinary Firm, which facilitates customer loyalty, which is one of our objectives.

Since 2006 we have collaborated with other lawyers as well as other professionals (tax advisers, managers, attorney in Laws, British law firms) and some banking entities, working daily with national and international private clients, mainly English-speaking, dealing with matters , judicial, extrajudicial, both in Courts and Notaries.

Very pleased to be part of the list of lawyers of the British Consulate of Alicante as well as the list of lawyers of the United Kingdom Government.

Lawyer by vocation for years I have been part of the Legal Aid system.

The greatest reward the profession has given me is being able to help.

My main objective has always been to protect the interest of my clients, as a higher interest, and above any other motivation, with the great peace of mind of knowing that the legal advice provided to my clients is totally faithful, sincere, professional and independent.

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